AQUALOOP Water Treatment

AQUALOOP produces germ-free, high quality water, irrespective of whether the input water comes from surface water, groundwater, runoff water from wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater or grey water from houses!*

The AQUALOOP system consists of a few modular components that can be easily assembled as required.

  • AQUALOOP- pre-filter
  • AQUALOOP- growth bodies
  • AQUALOOP- membranstation with system control
  • AQUALOOP- membranes
  • AQUALOOP- blowers

The modular components of the AQUALOOP can be easily installed in most types of the storage tanks (interesting for tank producers) and significantly reduce the water consumption of hotels, camping sites, commercial buildings and industrial complexes, public buildings and private homes.

Pre-filter and growth bodies

The AQUALOOP pre-filter and growth bodies provide a consistent improvement in the quality of organically contaminated water such as household grey water in the collection tank. This is achieved by biological degradation as well as by automatic extraction of bottom sediment and floating debris from the collection tank

Membrane station with system control

The AQUALOOP membrane station is also mounted within the collection tank. This membrane station includes a platform for the mounting of membranes. A permeate pump, back-flushing pump, back-flushing tank and blower connection are all integrated here. The AQUALOOP membrane station can be flexibly equipped with up to six membranes, depending on the required amount of water to be recycled. Multiple membrane stations can be used in parallel for even higher water volume requirements.

Each membrane station contains a fully automatic system controller for operating and monitoring the pump and blower.


Patented AQUALOOP MEM membranes are the core of the water treatment process. The membranes special hollow fibres are designed to effectively retain bacteria and virus. AQUALOOP can improve the water quality without chemical additives such as chlorine, which has proven hazardous to health. This is equally good for the environment and for your wallet. AQUALOOP’s special design and water treatment process allow for a long service life of up to 10 years with only minimal maintenance.


The blower simultaneously fulfils the jobs of membrane cleaning and supplying oxygen to the bioreactor.


The new water treatment plant’s AQUALOOP pre-filter and AQUALOOP membrane station can be integrated into almost any tank, regardless of whether it is situated indoors or outdoors. By using an existing tank, the transportation cost for delivering AQUALOOP technology becomes very low.

Water supply units

The recycled water is pumped throughout the house for uses such as toilet flushing, washing machine or irrigation via the RAINMASTER pump and control system.

*Other parameters for fulfilling the EU Drinking Water Directive require analysis.


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