The DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench

A solution for local infiltration or attenuation of rainwater and run-off water of sewage plants.

DRAINMAX is the right choice for many stormwater infiltration applications.  In particular, if your site has space restrictions in both depth and area, DRAINMAX may be right for you.  Drainmax is an excellent choice for handling rainwater tank overflow to reduce stormwater discharge offsite to nearly zero.

The DIBt®-ap­proval is one in­no­va­tion of the DRAIN­MAX Tun­nel in­fil­tra­tion sys­tem. It is  with 1.6 m³ a large vol­ume and light plas­tic tray sys­tem that cre­ates a hol­low space in the soil. With these, the rain water can be di­rectly re­tained at the source and will in­fil­trate through the open soil and side holes. It is pos­si­ble to also re­strict the water flow  to only the pipe. This tech­nol­ogy saves sig­nif­i­cant costs on lay­ing com­plex pip­ing sys­tems. You can also use the DRAIN­MAX tun­nel sys­tem for in­fil­tra­tion of ef­flu­ent water from sewage plants.

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