Drinking Water from Rainwater

Your house RAIN water source

Es­pe­cially in countries­ with central­­ water­­ sup­plies, ­­rainwater­­ is ­hardly used ex­cept for ­flushing­­ toi­lets and wa­ter­ing the gar­den.­­­­­­­ How­ever, in many areas there is rain­wa­ter of suf­fi­cient qual­ity avail­able to al­most cover the en­tire de­mand for water.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ This is now pos­si­ble with the tech­nol­ogy from

Shower – drink – launder – garden

Now every­thing is pos­si­ble. Use­ your house as your own­­ water­­ supply­ by col­lect­ing rain­fall, as a gift from­ heaven,­­ in drums. Treat it with the AQULOOP technology­ ­­­and thus have an al­most self-suf­fi­cient water supply­­­­­­.