Graywater Recycling


Greywater recycling for a single-family house

Com­plete sys­tem for up to 6 peo­ple with in­door tank

In grey water re­cy­cling the less con­t­a­m­i­nated water from shower, bath tub, hand basin and wash­ing ma­chine is col­lected and processed for reuse in toi­let flush­ing, gar­den wa­ter­ing and house­hold clean­ing pur­poses.

The major ben­e­fit of shower water re­cy­cling:

By in­stalling an Aqualoop grey water sys­tem and re-us­ing your water again around the home, you save twice as much on your mu­nic­i­pal bills. Due to the unique tech­nol­ogy the medium-sized sys­tem pays for it­self in less than 10 years.

1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter

5. AQUALOOP mem­bra­nen (1-6 per AL-MS)

2. Biore­ak­tor incl. Füllkörper

6. AQUALOOP blower

3. AQUALOOP mem­bran sta­tion

7. Clear water tank

4. AQUALOOP con­troler


with un­der­ground tanks

If there is no space for a free-stand­ing tank, then un­der­ground tanks are also suit­able.

1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter DN100

5. AQUALOOP men­bran

2. Tank

6. Blower

3. AQUALOOP sin­gle-mem­bran staion


4. AQAULOOP con­troler

Greywater recycling for commercial properties

with free-stand­ing tanks


1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter DN100

5. AQULOOP membrane

2. AQUALOOP growth bod­ies

6. AQAULOOP blower

3. AQUALOOP membrane sta­tion

7. Float­ing suction hose

4. AQUALOOP controller

8. RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC

with un­der­ground tanks

1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter DN150

6.  Float­ing suc­tion with coarse 1 “

2. AQUALOOP membrane sta­tion

7. Wall bush­ing DN150

3. AQUALOOP membrane

8. AQUALOOP controller

4. AQUALOOP growth bod­ies

9. RAIN­MAS­TER Favorite SC du­plex

5. HORI­ZON hose 1 “

10. Ex­pan­sion vessel

with fi­bre­glass tank

1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter DN150-200

8. Floating suction with coarse fil­ter 1 “


9. HORI­ZON suc­tion hose 1 “

3. AQUALOOP mem­bran sta­tio­nen

10. Wall bushing DN150

4. AQUALOOP mem­brane

11. Hybrid tank

5. AQUALOOP con­troler

12. RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC du­plex

6. AQUALOOP blower

13. Expansion vessel

7. Fiberglass tank

With city-wa­ter tanks in­clud­ing head­er­tanks

In many coun­tries, mu­nic­i­pal water is sup­plied only at cer­tain times and there­fore it must be stored. Often the quan­tity sup­plied is not suf­fi­cient. In such con­di­tions, the in­stal­la­tion of AQUALOOP gray water tech­nol­ogy can be help­ful. For in­stance, the treated water is used for the toi­lets, wash­ing ma­chines and wa­ter­ing the gar­den. It is topped up from, the mu­nic­i­pal water tank. Often the qual­ity of the treated water ob­tained from gray water is bet­ter than that of the mu­nic­i­pal water.

1. AQUALOOP pre fil­ter DN150-200

8. Float­ing suction with coarse 1 “

2. AQUALOOP membrane station

9. Ground bushing

3. AQUALOOP membrane

10. RAIN­MAS­TER Favorite SC

4. Floating suction with coarse

11. Expansion vessel

5. Suction hose


6. AQUALOOP blower

7. Submersible pumpe

With free-stand­ing out­door tanks

1. AQUALOOP Vor­fil­ter pre fil­ter

6. AQUALOOP blower

2. Biore­ac­tor

7. Submersible pump

3. AQUALOOP membrane sta­tio­nen

8. Tank

4. AQUALOOP controller

9. RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC du­plex

5. AQUALOOP membrane