RainMaster ECO

The world’s most economical rainwater system for single family dwellings. The good side of rain.

The RAIN­MAS­TER Eco is an in­no­va­tion for rain­wa­ter units. It is a fully au­to­matic, op­er­at­ing and mon­i­tor­ing sta­tion com­bin­ing pump, con­troller and built-in mains water top-up.

Our new tech­nol­ogy can eas­ily be in­stalled in the base­ment, garage or the ground­floor util­ity room of any sin­gle-fam­ily dwelling. The rain­wa­ter is pumped  from a tank via a suc­tion hose and is used in­ter­nally for toi­let flush­ing, in the wash­ing ma­chine and ex­ter­nally for wa­ter­ing the gar­den. If the sup­ply of rain­wa­ter or grey­wa­ter runs low then the RAIN­MAS­TER Eco au­to­mat­i­cally switches to mains water top-up, so you’re never out of water.

The RAIN­MAS­TER Eco pro­vides en­ergy sav­ings of 75% com­pared to con­ven­tional do­mes­tic sys­tems for par­tic­u­larly en­ergy-con­scious con­sumers. > Gen­er­ally in a sin­gle-fam­ily house, a flow rate of 10 L/min is suf­fi­cient. Con­sumers with par­tic­u­lar re­quire­ments for ir­ri­ga­tion or who wish to use rain­wa­ter for potable uses, should choose a RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorite unit.

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