RainMaster FAVORIT

Speed controlled, modular and with expandable power flexibility

The RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit mod­els 20 and 40 fea­ture au­to­matic op­er­at­ing and mon­i­tor­ing sta­tions with pump, con­troller and built-in mains water sup­ply. This in­no­va­tion can be wall mounted in a small space. The water is drawn by the pump from the tank, via an in­take suc­tion hose. Our tech­nol­ogy can be used for sup­ply­ing a num­ber of con­sumers, ei­ther within or out­side the build­ing, such as for flush­ing toi­lets, in wash­ing ma­chines, ir­ri­ga­tion and clean­ing sys­tems, cool­ing sys­tems and for other pur­poses. If in­suf­fi­cient rain­wa­ter or grey­wa­ter is avail­able, then the RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit 20 and 40 units au­to­mat­i­cally pro­vide  con­sumers with an in­te­grated, cer­ti­fied sup­ple­men­tal sup­ply of mains water to do the job.

With­out ques­tion – Adapted to the needs of our cus­tomers you can use and com­bine the RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit mod­els:

RAINMASTER Favorit 20/40

RAINMASTER Favorit 20 / 40

Af­ford­able stan­dard ver­sion for small to medium sized com­mer­cial prop­er­ties. Here, the con­trol takes place via a pres­sure and flow con­trol de­vice.

RAINMASTER Favorit 20/40 SC

RAINMASTER Favorit SC 20 / 40

In place of the pres­sure and flow con­trol de­vice, the new RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC is equipped with a speed con­troller. It reg­u­lates the speed of the pump to ad­just the pres­sure to the  re­quired flow rate. This has great ad­van­tages for the user. This rain­wa­ter sys­tem is es­pe­cially durable, quiet and eco­nom­i­cal in its con­sump­tion of power.

2-3 x RAINMASTER Favorit SC

2-3 x RAINMASTER Favorit SC

For larger com­mer­cial ap­pli­ca­tions, where pump­ing re­li­a­bil­ity and con­sis­tency is a must, the speed-con­trolled RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC can be used. You can con­nect and con­trol up to three RAIN­MAS­TER Fa­vorit SC units in par­al­lel, as a pow­er­ful mul­ti­ple pump­ing sys­tem.

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