Drinking water of groundwater with iron and manganese

The basic for­mat for the treat­ment of ground­wa­ter cor­re­sponds to that for the sur­face water.

The iron and man­ganese often found in the ground­wa­ter can be di­rectly ox­i­dized in the fil­tra­tion tank with a suit­able pH value and at­mos­pheric oxy­gen with the help of AQUALOOP tech­nol­ogy. The ox­i­da­tion of iron lapses in suf­fi­cient quan­ti­ties in the neu­tral and al­ka­line range. The bi­o­log­i­cal man­ganese re­moval also works in neu­tral range, but re­quires a pe­riod of 2 – 3 months. The mi­croor­gan­isms that are usu­ally pre­sent in ground water set­tle, after a cer­tain time, on the fil­ter ma­te­r­ial and other com­po­nents.