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Engineered Solutions is your single source solution for efficient and renewable Rainwater Harvesting packages

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a procedure that many Canadian companies are incorporating into their buildings. Rainwater can be used for a number of purposes including storm water reduction, irrigation, toilets & urinals. Provincial and municipal legislation is in place for regulating the rights and uses for captured rainwater.

Toilets & Urinals System

Using a rainwater harvesting system to recapture “free” water can reduce the amount of water you need to purchase. In many instances, rainwater flows from the gutters of roofs or is collected from ground level surfaces such as parking lots, and stored into water tanks, where it is held for future use.

Toilets & Urinals

Storm Water Systems

With increasing water restrictions, higher utility costs, and storm water requirements becoming more important than ever for Ontario businesses, our rainwater harvesting systems can provide a solution for this watershed requirement.

Greywater Recycling Systems

In grey water re­cy­cling the less con­t­a­m­i­nated water from shower, bath tub, hand basin and wash­ing ma­chine is col­lected and processed for reuse in toi­let flush­ing, gar­den wa­ter­ing and house­hold clean­ing pur­poses.

Water from lakes, rivers and wells can also benefit from this process.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

The collection of storm water from parking lots and other surfaces, storage in basins, swales or other watersheds, and distribution to plant beds by predesigned Frenchdrains, berms, curbs, spillways, depressions, microbasins, and aprons will also conserve water and reduce runoff and its associated problems.

Truck/Bus Washing Systems

The businesses in this industry are massive water users and utilizing harvested rainwater not only reduces their water bill, but is naturally soft and free of chemicals which makes it ideal for washing vehicles. It also reduces the amount of cleaning agent required. We design rainwater harvesting system for washing their vehicles. They often have large fleets of articulated truck, vans, buses or coaches which require cleaning on a very regular basis.

Control Panel Design/Build/Program/Maintain

Our in-house control panel team designs, builds, programs and tests all PLC Control Panels for all of our projects. Having a dedicated in-house team allows us to provide the required features and capabilities, quickly and reasonably priced.

All of our panels are inspected, tested & certified by the FIELD EVALUATION SERVICE OF ESA (Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario) to ensure compliance with the CSA Standard SPE-1000-13 – Model Code for the field evaluation of electrical equipment.

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