Processed water from a wastewater treatment plant

Sev­eral mil­lion house own­ers will have to retro­fit their waste­water treat­ment sys­tems at a cost of thou­sands of Euros or re­place their ex­ist­ing sys­tems in order to meet the tech­ni­cal stan­dards of the new Eu­ro­pean Water Frame­work Di­rec­tive. The fu­ture EU Di­rec­tive stip­u­lates that all waste­water treat­ment plants must be retro­fit­ted with a sec­ondary bi­o­log­i­cal treat­ment to al­most com­pletely re­move bac­te­ria and ni­tro­gen from the sewage water. There is a good chance to use the AQUALOOP water treat­ment sys­tem as part of this retro­fitting.

To up­grade ex­ist­ing waste­water treat­ment sys­tems the AQUALOOP mem­brane sta­tion can be di­rectly in­stalled within the ex­ist­ing dis­charge cham­ber. The col­lec­tive stor­age of the processed water is not re­quired any­more. Since water is re­leased in this cham­ber with­out coarse dirt and or­ganic con­t­a­m­i­na­tion, the in­flow tank does not re­quire AQUALOOP PU­RAIN pre-fil­ter and the growth bod­ies for bi­o­log­i­cal treat­ment, which saves cost. The treated water will be trans­ferred to a clean water tank and from there it is sup­plied to the con­sumers via a RAIN­MAS­TER pump and con­trol unit to be reused. The re­sult­ing cycli­cal process saves a con­sid­er­able amount of water and of course cost. On top of the costs saved, through a re­duc­tion in the use of mu­nic­i­pal water, the cost for ex­tract­ing water is also saved at waste­water sys­tems with­out out­let.

1. AL Reaktor 4. AL membranes (1-6 per AL-MS)
2. AL Membrane station 5. Clear water tank
3. AL Controller 6. RAINMASTER