System separation for drinking-water protection according to DIN EN 1717

The IN­TEWA sys­tem sep­a­ra­tor “SEPA­MAT” iso­lates the drink­ing-wa­ter sys­tem from the con­sumer. It pro­tects the drink­ing-wa­ter against con­t­a­m­i­na­tion caused by the back­flow of pol­lu­tants from the con­sumer end. A sys­tem sep­a­ra­tion is in­stalled be­tween the mu­nic­i­pal drink­ing-wa­ter sys­tem and one or more con­sumers. These must be sep­a­rated in ac­cor­dance with Cat­e­gory 5 of the cur­rent drink­ing-wa­ter reg­u­la­tions con­tained in DIN EN 1717.

SEPAMAT Applications

Medical professional, Agriculture / Slaughterhouses, Irrigation Systems, Laboratories, Laundromats, Car-wash Facilities and many other applications such as crematories, sprinkler systems, fire-water and domestic water systems (rainwater and greywater).

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